Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bird dissecting

A few days ago as we were just getting into the car to head off to preschool when 2 birds collided with our 2nd floor window - at the same time! They hit the ground in an explosion of feathers right next to the car. So, of course, everyone had to get out of their carseats again and take a look. I fully expected the birds to be gone when we got home (since we have birds run into our windows all the time and just stun themselves)...but they were still there. It soon became clear that they wouldn't ever fly again. But that presented an interesting possibility. A few months ago, O Boy was convinced that birds had black bones. So we checked out a bunch of books and looked at bird skeletons and even saw a dead bird skeleton one day and looked at the clearly white bones. But I thought this would be an even more exciting investigation into the color of bird bones; let's dissect the birds! So I called up "Grandpa" Jack, the retired biology teacher who goes to our church and asked if he'd dissect them for us. He was delighted to and even made up bird books for the boys with little lessons and pages to color. Once a teacher, always a teacher. He did an absolutely amazing job dissecting, knowing right where to cut and exactly what he was looking at. It was a really fascinating experience. He showed the boys all the different kinds of feathers and the different parts of the inside. They all liked holding the eyeballs and seeing the heart. Tolin, Jack's grandson, kept asking, "Can we eat it?" every time Jack showed them some of the muscle. It was a very fun "boy" experience. Thanks to Grandpa Jack!

There's the heart!

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