Thursday, September 03, 2009

Super sawdust pile

Yesterday we had a huge pile of sawdust delivered to our side yard to put on top of the fill that has slowly been washed away over the years. It was exciting from start to finish...and the pile is still there, getting slowly spread around each day by all the willing and eager shovels, dump trucks, diggers, front loaders and "chines" (O Boy's word) that are just sitting around waiting to do some serious earth moving.

Here comes the truck!
Mr. T was shouting at this moment, "Dad! Dad! ..." and then a whole bunch of stuff about the truck dumping and sawdust and on and on and on. I wish I would have taken a video.
The construction crew
Taking a break from earth moving to do some painting with water. Gotta keep the whole yard looking shipshape.
Charlotte, the lovely dozer queen
Wahoo! That pile makes for some good jumping!
O Boy launches off the top.
Big air!
Now everyone at once! This is some serious toddler fun.
Charlotte worked her way up to this big jump with some teeny tiny hops. She finally got the courage at this moment to really leap off and soar.

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