Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Hike

On Labor Day we were invited by our friends the Wards to go on their boat across the Narrows to Kupreanof Island and hike to a REAL sandy beach. So we loaded up winter clothes, rain clothes, extra clothes, tons of toys and enough food for an army (check out the huge backpack Phil had to lug the whole way) and joined them on the adventure. O Boy was up and packing hours before we went. At one point he told me he would be taking his kitchen (one of those huge plastic pretend things with a complete fridge, dishwasher, stove, oven, sink, etc.). I asked him how and he said, "Well, Phil and Beau will carry my kitchen and the Little Sweetie's crib." What a planner! By the time he was all "packed" his load included: his backpack full of all the plastic dishes and food from his kitchen, his baby and a marble (yes, one marble). There may have been some other small things stuffed in there. He then overflowed into a box which carried his comforter, another large animal friend and I think his pillow. Thankfully he was happy to trade all this for a few sand toys and carried those the entire way. After making the .7 mile walk in about an hour we played on the beach for a while. Baby T Ward was just starting to crawl and therefore decided to try eating as much of the beach (and sharing with Little Sweetie) as he could manage while mom wasn't looking. I had to send our boys back to the ocean 3 times before lunch because each time they would rinse off their hands, then sit down, pressing their hands into the sand. Back to square one. I still think they ate a fair amount of sand, but that's just a given. We started to realize that the tide was rising very fast on either side of us (we were on a raised finger of sand with low areas on either side) and so had to relocate to higher ground before being surrounded by water. We also realized that a return hike with tired, wet, and cold boys could take even longer than an hour. So, as the tide was rising, Beau ran back on the trail (15 minutes) to his boat and brought it around to pick us up. Great service! It was a very fun way to spend Labor Day and never rained. No bears were sighted except the Ward's dog, Bear.

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