Monday, September 14, 2009

Echo Ranch Pastor's Retreat

This year the Little Sweetie got to join us on our yearly trip to the Echo Ranch Pastor's retreat. Her brothers had a lot of fun back at home but were a bit jealous about her ferry, canoe and airplane rides!

First ferry ride
You can see the amazing wake behind us. We were riding the fast ferry and there is so much power as you look over the back you almost feel like you are going to be sucked over into the ocean!
Here's Juneau!
Not so sure about the canoe ride.
Ah! This is fun after all!
Pastors from Thorne Bay, Petersburg, Douglas Island (Juneau) and Haines.
Dancing with Daddy in the airport

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Jason and Katie said...

Jess, she is so cute! What fun to have daddy/mommy/daughter time!