Thursday, September 17, 2009

The church that O Boy built

For those who are die-hard O Boy fans, I definitely commend the following series of short videos to you. Watch them all and track the entire thought process behind this building adventure dreamed up by a 3 year old. Each video is less than 3 minutes long. Or, for those who'd like the highlights, I've titled each video...

In which O Boy begins his tour of the church (covering the doors, jail, and some of the chairs)

In which O Boy continues his tour and declines to lead a service due to the fact that there are not enough people in church

In which O Boy knocks over his pulpit microphone and leads in congregational singing (you'll have to watch to find out what song he chose)

In which O Boy finally gets enough people in his church to have a service and SOMEONE doesn't sing!

In which Dad faces the consequences of his actions


Beth said...

Jessica - This post is hilarious! I LOVED every minute of it! Such creativity and joy...I wonder what our community would do if our pastor ended church while standing on his head in his underroos!!

Stewart Family said...

I LOVE this post! The videos are priceless. I especially love the jail, and will remember to always sing in church for fear of the jail...but mostly I'm scared of the whipping! :-) I also love that while there are strict rules about singing, the dress code appears to be pretty relaxed!

Keith and Jen said...

I have doubted at times whether freedom and creativity are alive in the church. Thank you, Pastor O, for quelling these doubts with unsurpassed, unexpected, and under-garmented approach to what I will never again think of as "traditional services." AMEN!!!