Tuesday, September 22, 2009

O Boy's first day of preschool

Thanks to a very generous scholarship, O Boy got to start preschool with his dearest friend Charlotte today! He was pretty thrilled in his own understated way. He's familiar with all things preschool, since big brother has attended for 2 years now. But it was fun to show him his very own cubby and name spot. What a big boy! He also starts AWANA tonight for the first time tonight so it's a big day for O Boy...finally catching up to his big brother after watching him go off to all these fun activities for so many years.
Charlotte gives O Boy a reassuring hand to hold.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Get up and dance!

This boy loves to sing and dance!

This is a video of Mr. T singing his (and my) own version of his current favorite song. He calls the song "Donut Man Go Zoo" because it's a song on the video "The Donut Man Goes to the Zoo" but the song is actually called "A-ha-llelujah!" Our version gets sort of close to the real thing. I can never really remember all the words so I just make them up as we go along. As you can see, so does Mr. T.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The church that O Boy built

For those who are die-hard O Boy fans, I definitely commend the following series of short videos to you. Watch them all and track the entire thought process behind this building adventure dreamed up by a 3 year old. Each video is less than 3 minutes long. Or, for those who'd like the highlights, I've titled each video...

In which O Boy begins his tour of the church (covering the doors, jail, and some of the chairs)

In which O Boy continues his tour and declines to lead a service due to the fact that there are not enough people in church

In which O Boy knocks over his pulpit microphone and leads in congregational singing (you'll have to watch to find out what song he chose)

In which O Boy finally gets enough people in his church to have a service and SOMEONE doesn't sing!

In which Dad faces the consequences of his actions

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fishing buddies

A friend came over the other day and the boys decided to go "fishing" out in the creek. After they caught a mess of sticks, they basted them with an old paintbrush and creek water, seasoned them with sawdust and grilled them up for me to eat.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Echo Ranch Pastor's Retreat

This year the Little Sweetie got to join us on our yearly trip to the Echo Ranch Pastor's retreat. Her brothers had a lot of fun back at home but were a bit jealous about her ferry, canoe and airplane rides!

First ferry ride
You can see the amazing wake behind us. We were riding the fast ferry and there is so much power as you look over the back you almost feel like you are going to be sucked over into the ocean!
Here's Juneau!
Not so sure about the canoe ride.
Ah! This is fun after all!
Pastors from Thorne Bay, Petersburg, Douglas Island (Juneau) and Haines.
Dancing with Daddy in the airport

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Hike

On Labor Day we were invited by our friends the Wards to go on their boat across the Narrows to Kupreanof Island and hike to a REAL sandy beach. So we loaded up winter clothes, rain clothes, extra clothes, tons of toys and enough food for an army (check out the huge backpack Phil had to lug the whole way) and joined them on the adventure. O Boy was up and packing hours before we went. At one point he told me he would be taking his kitchen (one of those huge plastic pretend things with a complete fridge, dishwasher, stove, oven, sink, etc.). I asked him how and he said, "Well, Phil and Beau will carry my kitchen and the Little Sweetie's crib." What a planner! By the time he was all "packed" his load included: his backpack full of all the plastic dishes and food from his kitchen, his baby and a marble (yes, one marble). There may have been some other small things stuffed in there. He then overflowed into a box which carried his comforter, another large animal friend and I think his pillow. Thankfully he was happy to trade all this for a few sand toys and carried those the entire way. After making the .7 mile walk in about an hour we played on the beach for a while. Baby T Ward was just starting to crawl and therefore decided to try eating as much of the beach (and sharing with Little Sweetie) as he could manage while mom wasn't looking. I had to send our boys back to the ocean 3 times before lunch because each time they would rinse off their hands, then sit down, pressing their hands into the sand. Back to square one. I still think they ate a fair amount of sand, but that's just a given. We started to realize that the tide was rising very fast on either side of us (we were on a raised finger of sand with low areas on either side) and so had to relocate to higher ground before being surrounded by water. We also realized that a return hike with tired, wet, and cold boys could take even longer than an hour. So, as the tide was rising, Beau ran back on the trail (15 minutes) to his boat and brought it around to pick us up. Great service! It was a very fun way to spend Labor Day and never rained. No bears were sighted except the Ward's dog, Bear.

Sunday best

Thanks for the super cute tights, "Aunt" Heidi Johnson! I get compliments on them (especially in a town where rosemaling is a big deal) whenever I wear them!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Just for fun

Thanks to my friend Sheri for posting this on Facebook!

7 months old!

The Little Sweetie is wearing a beautiful silk screened onesie done by our friend Jenny Reed.

Gorgeous hair, dahling!

This was taken while we were doing a Skype call with Mimi and Papa so the quality isn't great, but it still captures the moment well!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

New discovery

Here's a new way to play with the astronaut action figure that I'm pretty sure the boys never thought of...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Little "Miss-match"

This outfit was given to us by some church friends who informed me that they chose it because they knew it would just drive me crazy. The socks are sold intentionally in a set of 3 completely different individual socks so you are always "miss-matched" (the brand name).
Love it! Thanks Grandma Kathy and Engell family!
Again, possibly a coincidence...but this sure looks like a wave!

And just as adorable in black and white, don't you think?

Super sawdust pile

Yesterday we had a huge pile of sawdust delivered to our side yard to put on top of the fill that has slowly been washed away over the years. It was exciting from start to finish...and the pile is still there, getting slowly spread around each day by all the willing and eager shovels, dump trucks, diggers, front loaders and "chines" (O Boy's word) that are just sitting around waiting to do some serious earth moving.

Here comes the truck!
Mr. T was shouting at this moment, "Dad! Dad! ..." and then a whole bunch of stuff about the truck dumping and sawdust and on and on and on. I wish I would have taken a video.
The construction crew
Taking a break from earth moving to do some painting with water. Gotta keep the whole yard looking shipshape.
Charlotte, the lovely dozer queen
Wahoo! That pile makes for some good jumping!
O Boy launches off the top.
Big air!
Now everyone at once! This is some serious toddler fun.
Charlotte worked her way up to this big jump with some teeny tiny hops. She finally got the courage at this moment to really leap off and soar.