Monday, August 24, 2009

Pushing out the boundaries

I only include this post to remind myself just how far Mr. T has come and where he is going. Yesterday he told me he wanted to follow a stream next to our house deeper into the woods than he had ever himself. This, from a boy who used to have trouble going anywhere near the woods because the tickling branches drove him crazy and freaked him out. So I staked out a place with my camera and watched him go. I actually couldn't follow him because I had Little Sweetie on my back and she was already getting poked with enough branches. The stream bed he was following was only really accessible to those toddler-height. ! And he plowed ahead bravely. I didn't really think ahead to what might happen if he got stuck (which he did in the end). He did such an amazing job pushing into the woods and then almost all the way out again. This may not seem at all astounding to most of you with typical kids, but it is a huge accomplishment around here.

Heading out to go exploring deep in the woods. I like this picture because it shows how truly tangled and complicated traipsing around in our woods can be!

This video is neat because it really captures his expanding vocabulary (and my ruthless parenting style). He did get rescued in the end for those who might be concerned!

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