Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oregon Trip, Part 2: Tenmile

This is a post from 3 months ago that I never got the chance to finish until now!

Finally, after a break of a few years (to let the kids grow up), we got back to our Tenmile beach cabin. It was about as cold as it had been in Petersburg, which was disappointing (but not surprising)...until the last day. Hooray!
Learning how to make goofy faces from Papa
O Boy's trademark scrunchy face
Finally Papa has some help hauling logs

Papa finally got a sandcastle made before the boys could destroy it!
the Oregon Coast is still pretty chilly to my Asian in-laws

You'd think the fun of this would have worn off by now!
digging the moat
Grandma Smith keeps walking to stay warm

5 months old

Tenmile chores with Mimi. The plants will never need to be watered again after the deluge these boys gave them!

Little Sweetie's first bouquet: picked by her brother O Boy for her
"Now where should I dump this shovelful of sand??"

Sandcastle crew on the march

Learning to skip rocks

Looking for just the right rock to throw with Papa

So happy together
First Tenmile bath
One of Papa's trademark sand racetracks
"We're shipping out to sea, Mom!"


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