Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oregon Trip, Part 1: flying to Oregon

I'm finally caught up with all our recent photos on the blog so I can finish off posting pictures from our other major summer event: the trip to Oregon. Our trip began with a flight from Petersburg to Portland with our family, the Peter Smith family, Linda Smith, and Grandma and Grandpa Smith!
Grandma Smith keeps the Little Sweetie happy on one of the legs of our journey.
Multi-tasking is a must when flying with a baby.
Of course Baby Josie made the trip down to see Josie Underhill, the inspiration for her name.

I love this little video because it reminds me just how "baby" O Boy still is. He's got little chubby hands and a sweet little boy face. But he's also developing into a very inventive and creative big boy. And, the one thing that hasn't changed from practically day one: he still absolutely detests being caught on camera!

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