Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm five!

Mr. T's one request for his birthday was a chocolate cake. That's not a lot to go on, since I like to build birthdays around themes. BUT thankfully a few days before the big event a friend offered me the use of her huge cupcake cake mold and VOILA a birthday was born! This gigantic cupcake was definitely the hit of the 3-5 year old set who came to the party. And the parents were impressed by how delicious it was. Thanks Tina!

As I tried to think of what Trevor likes to do, and in keeping with the chocolate theme, I remembered that he LOVES to paint with chocolate pudding at home. He and O Boy can play with that stuff for as long (and as messily) as I'll let them. But...I hadn't factored in one small detail: we had his birthday at the beach. This immediately invalidated almost all of the appeal of the pudding activity. One boy smeared it all over his cookie sheet, Trevor just shoveled it in his mouth, and no one, but no one else would touch the stuff. They waited patiently until we let them get back down to go play in the sand. Why do I bother planning?? You can see some of the boys looking longingly away from the table to the beach.

Now here is the main attraction of the party: someone (not from our party!) figured out how to open up the bottom of the drinking fountain allowing access to the spigot...which allows a huge spout of water to run uncontrollably into the sand. This makes instant sand/mud and tremendous rivers and lakes. Here is where the fun was at. We had to tear them away to open presents. Speaking of presents, Mr. T opened one and said, "I'm done" and tried to race back to the sand/river project. Poor boy, we coaxed him to open a few more until almost all his presents were opened. Then we gave up and took the rest home to be opened later. Five year olds!

Another huge hit with Mr. T was the frisbee he found laying on the sand. When he wasn't running up huge water bills for the city he would run way down the beach and yell out for someone to catch the frisbee he was about to throw.

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