Wednesday, August 05, 2009

First time fishing

On the day Phil and Mr. T were set to arrive home from Juneau, I asked one of the 9 year old boys who goes to our church to take O Boy, Little Sweetie, and me fishing and give us some lessons. I figured I could handle 2, but not 3 kids down on the docks. O Boy was so extremely excited in the days leading up to this event that he would ask several times a day if it was time to go fishing. When the big day actually arrived he wasn't really interested in even holding a pole. ! He did enjoy watching the whole experience and got his hands on a pole once or twice though. He also learned how boring fishing can be and how long you have to wait until something actually happens. We started down on one dock fishing for one kind of fish. So Cole had to teach me to tie on that kind of hook...which took forever. No sooner had we both cast out a couple of times than one of our resident HUGE sea lions appeared and we got out of there fast. They can (and do) haul out on the docks and it is really not safe to be down there with small kids. So then we had to change locations, change hooks, and change the kind of fish we were aiming for. By that time Phil and Mr. T arrived home from Juneau and joined us. Jigging for herring is absolutely my favorite kind of fishing - you drop down 6 hooks, jerk the pole up and down and, if you're in the right spot - BAM! 6 fish! It's instant gratification again and again and again. Very fun for kids (and me). The boys liked trying to catch the flipping fish on the dock but only Mr. T liked tossing them back in. The Little Sweetie hung out in her backpack the entire time like the little trooper baby that she is - despite the fact that she was wearing her hat backwards and over her face (her own doing) for much of the time (see pictures). !

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