Wednesday, July 29, 2009

VBS 2009 - Detectives Discover: Who is Jesus?

Here are a few shots from our 2009 VBS program. It was an excellent curriculum that portrayed the kids as detectives uncovering clues (via storytellers) about who Jesus is.

The Little Sweetie with her detective hat on.
This is a group of girls from our church who formed a band they called, "The Shoes" (Gumshoes!) and played daily for the singing time. Each day they all wore matching "disguises".
One of our excellent storytellers portraying the woman at the well.
The VBS director Michele Pfundt was, of course, The Chief. Each day she had a new clue that the teams had to investigate. She also changed her costume daily and came up with some pretty stunning disguises.
Phil got to play a minor role on one day, portraying the Roman guard in charge of John the Baptist. He would introduce John and "release" him from the jail you see in the background, leave the room for the story, and then reappear to lock him back up at the end.
We had fun creating this costume. I'm not sure how people did things like this (creating costumes) without the internet. I guess they used encyclopedias?? The double headed eagle on his breastplate is actually from a photograph of a crest on a gate somewhere (in Greece?). We just printed it out, blew it up using our scanner, cut it out and glued it on the breastplate.

The boys are in costume because, of course, dad is. They proceeded to wear these costumes each day to VBS when we went to visit and take pictures. They got it into their heads that VBS means that everyone is in costume.
Here's The Chief in another one of her disguises.
Just a funny shot - John the Baptist and the Roman Centurion strolling around together.

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