Thursday, June 04, 2009

Playgroup trip to the dump

Just when it seems like we can't come up with any more amazing and fun things to do with playgroup, someone suggests we go on a field trip to the dump.  How cool is that?  One of the moms in our playgroup actually used to work at the dump so she gave the "insider's tour."  Of course the main events were seeing the (parked - that was fun enough) garbage truck, the stacks of crushed cars, and anytime a huge front loader would cruise by.  The dump is full of fun surprises.
Dump buddies - Mr. T and 2 of his playgroup friends
Waiting for the cardboard cube to come out of the machine that's squishing it.  Fun fun fun!

The other day we happened to notice that the garbage man was picking up our garbage while we were outside just playing around with nothing on the schedule.  So of course the boys suggested we follow him...all the way up to the end of the street and then back down again.  We would walk behind him (I carried the Little Sweetie -- next I'm bringing a stroller!) and then stop when he would stop at each garbage can.  They would watch in amazement as he dumped it and then run quickly after him to catch the next dumping.  The garbage man got quite a kick out of having such a little parade following him.  Thankfully we had to stop at our friends' house and see the chickens while he was turning around...and then we followed him all the way back down to our house.  A morning well spent.

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