Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hooray! The sun is here!

You may have noticed that all my recent blog posts feature blue skies and swimsuits.  That is extremely unusual for where we live and probably why I am blogging so much with "sun pictures."  We're all taking advantage of the sun for as long as it lasts and letting the dishes and laundry wait.  We know it will begin to rain again soon..and maybe all summer (like it did last summer.)

Sunny days means dusty cars
Even little girls like to lay in the sun
Snack and a show: one of the teens from our church cuts our lawn and the boys make sure they're always on hand to catch every minute of the action.
O Boy turned his hat around and announced to me: "Hey!  Now I look like a man!"
Even better than watching Cody (and his dad Roger) use the lawnmower is watching them take it apart.
Apparently 4 heads are better than one when it comes to mechanical issues.
Summertime buddies
In keeping with my policy never to show my kids online with little or no clothes on, this photo was cropped.  But let me tell you, there's nothing cuter than a naked baby in the sun!

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