Sunday, June 14, 2009

The end of an era

"Goodnight, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest." - from Hamlet

Well, it was a (sort of) sad day at the Smith house as we watched the ____ (salmon? rose mauve? red? orange sunburst?) couch head off to its next home. This truly is a couch of many lives. It started with Steve and Monica Gotter, came to us, and is now heading on to the daughter of a church friend in town. Sadly, we were the hardest on this couch because, due to the fact that the very long uni-cushion was an excellent jumping platform and pirate ship, the ancient zipper on it split. So instead of having it repaired, we decided it was time to put the old couch on Tradio and see if it could find a new home. Within 10 minutes I had 3 calls wanting the couch! So off it goes to another home and this time around the fantastically lovely color (still in pristine condition) will probably be covered up by a slip cover. Too bad! We had lots of fun with this couch - it provided many great (and hilarious) conversation starters over the years. Sorry Killingsworths, looks like you won't win the couch after all. If I track down our old guest book I may type in all the enormously creative color suggestions people gave for it over the years.

Goodnight, sweet couch, and fleets of Ford trucks wing thee to thy next home.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Saturday, June 06, 2009

4 months old!

Our happy little girl is already 4 months old.  Hard to believe - the time is flying by so quickly!

"Daddy says I looked like a boy so we had to add in the fussy bow."

More summer fun

Sprinkler races - first this way...
then back...
The boys went out with their 2 adopted grandmas (Grandma Alice and Ate Delilah) to the Sugar Shack (a vacation house out the road owned by Grandma Alice) for a picnic.  Both the grandmas and the boys had a fantastic time eating hot dogs, playing soccer and generally getting dirty having fun in the sun.
Picnic time at the Sugar Shack.  The boys are so thrilled to have hot dog and juice box weather!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer fun

The other day a friend from church came over to help Phil replace the cement board around the bottom of our house.  All his kids (5) and 3 others from another family were around because their moms were decorating for VBS.  So our boys had tons of older playmates around to give them attention!  It was kind of hilarious watching the big kids try to include and even teach my boys how to play capture the flag.  They made a valiant attempt at it but in the end, Mr. T and O Boy stood motionless in the middle of the game while everyone else zoomed around them. 

3 big girls cooing around a tiny girl
Everybody wants to help Mr. Bryon cut cement board.

Playgroup trip to the dump

Just when it seems like we can't come up with any more amazing and fun things to do with playgroup, someone suggests we go on a field trip to the dump.  How cool is that?  One of the moms in our playgroup actually used to work at the dump so she gave the "insider's tour."  Of course the main events were seeing the (parked - that was fun enough) garbage truck, the stacks of crushed cars, and anytime a huge front loader would cruise by.  The dump is full of fun surprises.
Dump buddies - Mr. T and 2 of his playgroup friends
Waiting for the cardboard cube to come out of the machine that's squishing it.  Fun fun fun!

The other day we happened to notice that the garbage man was picking up our garbage while we were outside just playing around with nothing on the schedule.  So of course the boys suggested we follow him...all the way up to the end of the street and then back down again.  We would walk behind him (I carried the Little Sweetie -- next I'm bringing a stroller!) and then stop when he would stop at each garbage can.  They would watch in amazement as he dumped it and then run quickly after him to catch the next dumping.  The garbage man got quite a kick out of having such a little parade following him.  Thankfully we had to stop at our friends' house and see the chickens while he was turning around...and then we followed him all the way back down to our house.  A morning well spent.

Hooray! The sun is here!

You may have noticed that all my recent blog posts feature blue skies and swimsuits.  That is extremely unusual for where we live and probably why I am blogging so much with "sun pictures."  We're all taking advantage of the sun for as long as it lasts and letting the dishes and laundry wait.  We know it will begin to rain again soon..and maybe all summer (like it did last summer.)

Sunny days means dusty cars
Even little girls like to lay in the sun
Snack and a show: one of the teens from our church cuts our lawn and the boys make sure they're always on hand to catch every minute of the action.
O Boy turned his hat around and announced to me: "Hey!  Now I look like a man!"
Even better than watching Cody (and his dad Roger) use the lawnmower is watching them take it apart.
Apparently 4 heads are better than one when it comes to mechanical issues.
Summertime buddies
In keeping with my policy never to show my kids online with little or no clothes on, this photo was cropped.  But let me tell you, there's nothing cuter than a naked baby in the sun!