Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Very Alaskan Day

Our little friend E.W. just turned 2 and his parents arranged a FREE float plane ride for his birthday party.  This will be hard to top for future birthdays!  O Boy, Mr. T and Phil all got to go on the plane with a few other friends and had a fantastic ride.   They circled the town, saw our house and the new church, flew over Petersburg Creek and even saw bears.

Here are some of the little fliers, waiting anxiously to get on the plane with their life vests on.  The wonderful pilot, Rod Judy, who offered to do this flight, is standing under the wing.

If you really want to see the look of intense "I'm not so sure about this" concentration on O Boy's face, click on the picture to enlarge it.  We were totally amazed he even consented to get on the plane, let alone go up in it!  But he hopped on with no hesitation and, aside from looking VERY serious, was all set to go.  He still talks about it days later and when he sees any float plane fly over (which they do frequently), he shouts, "There's our plane!"
You can barely see Mr. T's glasses peeking up over the window.
Ready for takeoff!
The birthday boy also looks a bit concerned.
Mr. T gives a final wave.
The Little Sweetie helps to push them away from the dock.
Why didn't I get invited to go too??
The fly-over
Taxiing back to the dock
Mr. T is looking down at the pilot as he ties them back up to the dock.  You can see Phil in the very back seat.
And now for the cake!  Nikki made a very cool (and healthy)  float plane cake which the kids enjoyed at Sandy Beach.
Then, just after we got home, a friend from church showed up with a freshly caught king salmon which he filleted up for us.  It was a very Alaskan day!

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