Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toddler spa

As I was sitting holding the Little Sweetie and watching the boys play in the bath today, I was casting about for some other activity to suggest to them to keep them busy and yet not splashing me or annoying each other.  Then I thought about wrapping up a towel and resting my feet up on the side of the bath and having the boys pour warm water over my feet and then wash them.  Brilliant!  They absolutely loved it and it was (sort of) like going to a spa.  Until they started dumping the water so that it ran down my legs and soaked my pants.  But it was a great activity for a brief time.  I'll take relaxation in whatever form it comes to me.  Now I need to teach them to paint my toenails. 

1 comment:

Stewart Family said...

Get those boys a pumice stone and you'll be in business. You'll have the most fab feet in town!