Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring gardening

Since I always forget that Blogger uploads my pictures in reverse order, this is the sequence of our recent gardening adventures backwards!  A few weeks ago we planted some marigold seeds and let them sprout inside.  It was time to get them out into the real world of sun and deer and see how they'd fare.  So far only one of our six plants has been gobbled up by the deer.

Making an attempt to get from the hose (around on the other side of the house) to the newly planted flowers with at least some water left in the watering cans.  Yay to IKEA for creating these $1 watering cans that are indestructible and perfect for toddlers!
Brilliant: O Boy discovered that he could more efficiently carry water by putting his watering can into the wagon.  Now that's thinking!
Watering the rocks, the dirt, and occasionally, the newly planted flowers.
Notice that with the Little Sweetie's close proximity to the dirt tub, she was sprinkled with more than her fair share of dirt.  At one point I caught O Boy "showing" her some dirt in his hand (directly above her eyes).  The dirt was obviously raining down onto her face.

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