Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mr. T therapy

Since Mr. T gets most of his therapy done at school nowadays we don't often get in to see what's going on.  Thus I haven't taken and posted any pictures of what he's up to these days.  I got to sit in on his PT session last Friday and took these fun pictures of some of the things he does in PT.
Here he is scooting himself forward with his hands - very challenging!
Before attempting this extremely difficult balancing activity, he told us, "I do self!  Okay guys?"
This is a great action shot of his wonderful PT teacher Barb deflecting a torpedo shot throw from Mr. T.
In this activity he either has to pull himself hand over hand forward or just balance on the scooter board while being pulled.
Here he is getting help walking on the magic rocks (he did this first and then decided he'd do it "By self!" next).

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