Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Big Race

Today the 3 kids and I did the Lop the Loop race with our good friend and adopted "Ate" (Tagalog for older sister), Delilah Bernaldo.  She pushed the Little Sweetie and I pushed the boys - though I let Mr. T run as much as he wanted.  So he started the race with a bang and ran off and on throughout the 4 mile race.  Then he got out just before crossing the finish line and was DELIGHTED at the crowd cheering him across.  O Boy decided there were too many people watching and refused to get out of the stroller, which is very much in keeping with his personality.  Here we are at the start of the race.  I love the boys' expressions.  I was giving camera instructions to the friend taking pictures, thus the slightly concerned look on my face.
Delilah waiting for the race to start with the Little Sweetie, who is also very ready for the race to start.  She (not Delilah!) went promptly to sleep and stayed that way the entire time.
Picking up the pace as we approach the finish line.  He's just started to notice that more and more people are starting to clap and cheer for him.  !!
I had to make sure he actually crossed the finish line and didn't head off to sign autographs.
We did it!  I've usually done this race in an hour and our time was an hour and 18 minutes, so we kept a pretty good pace - even with Mr. T running all over the road every once in a while.  We had to really pick up the pace when he was back in the stroller to make up for lost time!  We kept passing, and then being passed by, and then passing again the same people!  Thankfully we were not the last finishers.  Phew.

Please note that we were also handicapped by the additional weight of Sheepy, who O Boy held the entire race.  It was also his first major athletic competition and we are proud to say that he was the first place sheep in this race.

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