Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2009

Ah, the annual St. Paddy's day parade in Petersburg:  if you are Irish or a "friend of the Irish" (ie, wearing green) you can march down the street behind the Irish flag and a bagpiper.  Fantastic!  And it lasts all of about 3-5 minutes.  But to the boys, it qualifies as a parade (and it does usually draw a pretty big audience!)  Unfortunately, the traditional queen of the parade Penny Ripple was not in attendance passing out her lucky potatoes this year due to her advanced cancer.  She was greatly missed!

Here we are with her at the 2006 parade.

And now presenting the 2009 parade:
Have you ever seen a peacock on a hat?  Impressive!
The second half of the parade (see the next picture for the first half).  Yes, you can capture just about the entire parade in two pictures.  Funny thing is that most of the people in this half of the parade go to our church.  Who knew we had so many closet Irish in church?  Either that or they just all look fantastic in green.
Note the bagpiper next to the flag waver.  Not sure where he appears from every year, but he's always in the parade.

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