Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Wonderful Mr. Bryon faithfully plows our driveway and part of the church parking lot whenever it is needed (sometimes a few times a day in big snowstorms) so that we can always get out to the main road.  A month or so ago he offered to let the boys ride along in the truck while he plowed, since he knows they watch him with delight and cheers from inside the house.  But when the time came to actually get into the truck, O Boy insisted he was too "scarey" and Mr. T yelled and and raced the other way too.  They were all talk and no action.
Fast forward to today during snack time.  Bryon showed up again since it was an on-and-off blizzard most of the day.  Mr. T began excitedly talking about the "plowplow truck" and I asked if he wanted to ride with Bryon.  He adamantly said, "YES!"  So I cleared it with Bryon and Mr. T happily jumped down to put on his boots, march out to the truck, climb up with help, and give me a wave as they drove away.  No problem.  Was there ever a time when he was scared?  O Boy informed me he was still too "scarey."  Well, there's always another snowy day in Petersburg.  Thanks, Bryon for making Mr. T's day!  (Mr. T is in the truck in this picture but you can't see him because he's so short!)

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