Friday, March 27, 2009

One Cool Cubby

Our church recently started up an AWANA program and Mr. T is old enough to be a Cubby!  He is very excited about this and asks us several days a week "Cubbies?  Cubbies?"  This may be a good opportunity for him to learn the days of the week, as he'll soon know that Tuesday is CUBBIES DAY!  Here he is in what he calls his "Cubby Coat" and no, he doesn't go to Cubbies in his jammies.
To get this vest he had to memorize and recite 3 verses and the Cubby Motto: "Jesus Loves Me!"  When we tackled the motto (not a hard phrase for him to say or memorize), for several days all we could get out of him was "Jesus loves [shouted:] CHEESESTICKS!" or "Jesus loves [shouted:] ICE CREAM!"  To those who don't know Mr. T very well, he was doing this on purpose since he saw it was so irritating to his parents.  We were pretty convinced he would never get his Cubby vest.  

Here is the Luv E. Lamb and Cubby Bear puppet show, courtesy some of the teens in our church.

Here are the delighted Cubbies (and invited guest O Boy) "winning" against Mr. Alec in a game of tug-of-war.  The first week they did this Mr. T was genuinely concerned about Alec and kept running over to him and asking, "Okay? okay?" and they had to do a lot of convincing to help him understand that Alec was not hurt and they were supposed to pull him over!

I love the expressions in this photo as everyone reacts to a killer throw by Mr. T.

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Stewart Family said...

Love the Cubby vest! And, tell Trevor that I'm pretty sure Jesus does love ice cream...I mean, who doesn't?