Thursday, March 05, 2009

My first Killer Whale, Mom!

This morning as we were eating breakfast the local radio announcer said, "And the biggest show in town is right now out in the Wrangell Narrows...3 Killer Whales!"  So I dropped everything and threw all 3 kids in their jammies in the car (this implies that it took much, much less time than it actually did - we're lucky the whales were still around by the time we got there!).  Once we arrived, the street was lined with cars and there were people everywhere just watching and taking pictures of the 3 Killer Whales circling around a buoy in the Narrows.  Apparently there was a sea lion up on the buoy they were stalking.  We watched them - 2 huge ones and one small one - for quite a while until they swam out into Frederick Sound.  The parade of cars continued following them all the way down the road long past when we stayed.  It was a very fun Petersburg sight! (and now the Little Sweetie can put her "my first Killer Whale" sticker in her baby calendar just one day short of her one month birthday.  How many kids can do the same?)
Can you find the Killer Whale?  By this time they were fairly far out into Frederick Sound, so all you can see is the spray and the tiny fin in the bottom right hand corner.

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