Saturday, March 14, 2009

"The Little Sweetie Takes a Shower" - Trevor

Today we had a very fun shower for the Little Sweetie and another friend's baby, Tyler.  They are about 1 week apart (though he's almost double her weight!).  They got many matching/opposite color gifts that it will be fun to see them wear as they grow (2 snow hats- 1 pink, 1 blue, etc.)  Two other friends also brought their new babies to the shower so of course many, many pictures were taken.  Trevor's comment on the day was, "The Little Sweetie took a shower today!"

Little Sweetie and Becca Mae, exactly 1 month apart, wearing matching outfits!

Is this a common sight at a baby shower or what?
Rachel and Ben, Nikki and Tyler, Me and the Little Sweetie, Mary and Becca Mae

We enjoyed comparing the birthdates and weights of these 4 little guys - the boys almost the same weight yet 5 months apart and the girls almost the same weight yet 1 month apart.  This will be a fun picture to have as they grow up together.
Ben (~6 months, now ~14 pounds), Tyler (born Jan. 27, now almost 12 pounds), Little Sweetie (born Feb. 6, now 8lbs 8oz.), Becca Mae (born March 6, now 8lbs 4 oz.)
Little Sweetie all dressed up for the party

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