Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dad can always bring on the smiles

Mr. T 12/04 

O Boy 4/06 

Little Sweetie 3/09

Friday, March 27, 2009

One Cool Cubby

Our church recently started up an AWANA program and Mr. T is old enough to be a Cubby!  He is very excited about this and asks us several days a week "Cubbies?  Cubbies?"  This may be a good opportunity for him to learn the days of the week, as he'll soon know that Tuesday is CUBBIES DAY!  Here he is in what he calls his "Cubby Coat" and no, he doesn't go to Cubbies in his jammies.
To get this vest he had to memorize and recite 3 verses and the Cubby Motto: "Jesus Loves Me!"  When we tackled the motto (not a hard phrase for him to say or memorize), for several days all we could get out of him was "Jesus loves [shouted:] CHEESESTICKS!" or "Jesus loves [shouted:] ICE CREAM!"  To those who don't know Mr. T very well, he was doing this on purpose since he saw it was so irritating to his parents.  We were pretty convinced he would never get his Cubby vest.  

Here is the Luv E. Lamb and Cubby Bear puppet show, courtesy some of the teens in our church.

Here are the delighted Cubbies (and invited guest O Boy) "winning" against Mr. Alec in a game of tug-of-war.  The first week they did this Mr. T was genuinely concerned about Alec and kept running over to him and asking, "Okay? okay?" and they had to do a lot of convincing to help him understand that Alec was not hurt and they were supposed to pull him over!

I love the expressions in this photo as everyone reacts to a killer throw by Mr. T.

First Smiles

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Interview (modified)

I saw this interview on my cousin's blog and have since heard of several other moms doing it with their kids.  Mine are a bit young so I modified the interview and came up with this...

What is something mom always says to you?
O Boy: Sorry  (I think he really means that I'm always asking him to say sorry!)

What makes mom happy?
O Boy: playing
Me: playing with who?
O Boy: dad

What makes mom sad?
O Boy: disobeying

What did your mom look like as a baby?
O Boy: You looked like a boy.  You said, "waaah! waaaah!"

How old is your mom?
Mr. T: 4
O Boy: 4

How tall is your mom?
O Boy: 1 year
Me: how many inches?
O Boy: 4 inches

What is her favorite thing to do?
O Boy: nurse

What does your mom do while you are taking a nap?
O Boy: clean the kitchen

What is your mom really good at?
O Boy: cleaning the kitchen

What is your mom not very good at?
O Boy: spankings

What does your mom do for a job/work?
O Boy: clean the kitchen

What is your mom's favorite food?
Mr. T: cheese and hamburgers
O Boy: tomatoes

What do you and your mom do together?
O Boy: eat snack
Mr. T: eat dinner

How are you and your mom the same?
O Boy:  same mouths (mow-fez)

How are you and your mom different?
O Boy: our eyes

What do we like most about daddy?
Mr. T: he gives hugs

Where is your mom's favorite place to go?
O Boy: to the grocery store

Friday, March 20, 2009

"Yardwork" on the first day of spring

A high school friend mentioned on her Facebook profile that she was heading out to do yardwork today.  I smiled, because Phil and the boys were heading out to do a different kind of yardwork in our yard on this first day of spring.

First, to do any yardwork, you must find the yard.  After digging for several minutes Phil though he'd struck what was probably the lawn.
Phil made a snow scooper for the boys out of a milk jug and O Boy had tons of fun wandering around chipping away at the endless mountains of snow around our yard.  Did he make an impact?  Hard to say.
Here they are catching snowflakes in their mouths.  Little Sweetie was only catching snowflakes by coincidence rather than intention as she screamed the whole time I was taking their picture.
This is the first year we've had so much snow pile up to our windows.  The height of this peak is well over my head and is coming a quarter of the way up into our living room windows.  It's so high right now that you can even see it out our bedroom windows.  If you've been to our house, you know that's very high!
Looking from the inside out.  If it gets much higher, I might start feeling claustrophobic.
Instead of doing any digging in the garden today (it's buried under several feet of snow), Mr. T was helpfully shoveling snow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My First Jeans

Funny how getting them out of the ubiquitous newborn jammies and into an actual outfit makes them look instantly older.  Where did our tiny little girl go?


Wonderful Mr. Bryon faithfully plows our driveway and part of the church parking lot whenever it is needed (sometimes a few times a day in big snowstorms) so that we can always get out to the main road.  A month or so ago he offered to let the boys ride along in the truck while he plowed, since he knows they watch him with delight and cheers from inside the house.  But when the time came to actually get into the truck, O Boy insisted he was too "scarey" and Mr. T yelled and and raced the other way too.  They were all talk and no action.
Fast forward to today during snack time.  Bryon showed up again since it was an on-and-off blizzard most of the day.  Mr. T began excitedly talking about the "plowplow truck" and I asked if he wanted to ride with Bryon.  He adamantly said, "YES!"  So I cleared it with Bryon and Mr. T happily jumped down to put on his boots, march out to the truck, climb up with help, and give me a wave as they drove away.  No problem.  Was there ever a time when he was scared?  O Boy informed me he was still too "scarey."  Well, there's always another snowy day in Petersburg.  Thanks, Bryon for making Mr. T's day!  (Mr. T is in the truck in this picture but you can't see him because he's so short!)

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2009

Ah, the annual St. Paddy's day parade in Petersburg:  if you are Irish or a "friend of the Irish" (ie, wearing green) you can march down the street behind the Irish flag and a bagpiper.  Fantastic!  And it lasts all of about 3-5 minutes.  But to the boys, it qualifies as a parade (and it does usually draw a pretty big audience!)  Unfortunately, the traditional queen of the parade Penny Ripple was not in attendance passing out her lucky potatoes this year due to her advanced cancer.  She was greatly missed!

Here we are with her at the 2006 parade.

And now presenting the 2009 parade:
Have you ever seen a peacock on a hat?  Impressive!
The second half of the parade (see the next picture for the first half).  Yes, you can capture just about the entire parade in two pictures.  Funny thing is that most of the people in this half of the parade go to our church.  Who knew we had so many closet Irish in church?  Either that or they just all look fantastic in green.
Note the bagpiper next to the flag waver.  Not sure where he appears from every year, but he's always in the parade.

Bedtime with the Little Sweetie

Bedtime is so much more fun now that there is a little sister around to kiss and coo over.  And here are some other silly ideas the boys came up with at bedtime...(you can tell they both knew they were being photographed by their mischievous smiles).

"Why can't she sleep with me, Mom?  She's just like one of my other animals!"
Mom pats Mr. T, Mr. T pats the Little Sweetie; everyone is happy.


O Boy came up with this costume today and announced it was his soldier outfit.  I seriously think they come out programmed to do these things.  Oh well, it was a good opportunity to teach the old favorite, "I'm in the Lord's Army."  (Anyone remember that one?)  Note that, in good Petersburg form, he is a VIKING soldier.  With a vacuum attachment for a sword in case any of the homes they are rampaging needs a good cleaning up.

Rock-a-bye Baby

What was supposed to be a sweet moment turned into an "I see the camera and I'm done rocking my sister as a result."  Then when we began laughing at his funny line at the end, little brother sees an opportunity to go on camera (see next video).

Never one to miss a good laugh line, I'm highly suspicious he's only using his sister as a prop in this video to get onscreen.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"The Little Sweetie Takes a Shower" - Trevor

Today we had a very fun shower for the Little Sweetie and another friend's baby, Tyler.  They are about 1 week apart (though he's almost double her weight!).  They got many matching/opposite color gifts that it will be fun to see them wear as they grow (2 snow hats- 1 pink, 1 blue, etc.)  Two other friends also brought their new babies to the shower so of course many, many pictures were taken.  Trevor's comment on the day was, "The Little Sweetie took a shower today!"

Little Sweetie and Becca Mae, exactly 1 month apart, wearing matching outfits!

Is this a common sight at a baby shower or what?
Rachel and Ben, Nikki and Tyler, Me and the Little Sweetie, Mary and Becca Mae

We enjoyed comparing the birthdates and weights of these 4 little guys - the boys almost the same weight yet 5 months apart and the girls almost the same weight yet 1 month apart.  This will be a fun picture to have as they grow up together.
Ben (~6 months, now ~14 pounds), Tyler (born Jan. 27, now almost 12 pounds), Little Sweetie (born Feb. 6, now 8lbs 8oz.), Becca Mae (born March 6, now 8lbs 4 oz.)
Little Sweetie all dressed up for the party

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rock-a-bye Baby

This little cradle was one that I used for my dolls and  the boys discovered it was just right for the Little Sweetie.  Vocals generously provided by Mimi Wilson.  Blankie generously provided by O Boy Smith.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Little Sweetie at 1 month!

Though because she's a third child, you'll note there is only one picture of her at 1 month posted, as opposed to a dozen and several videos.  And I will admit, that this picture wasn't even taken on her 1 month birthday (I forgot until a day or so later)...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Funny Babies

Here's the Little Sweetie and her birthday buddy, Big T.  He's the son of a friend who was born just about a week before her - but as you can see he's already close to 12 pounds!  It will be lots of fun to watch these 2 grow up together.  They are wearing matching hats knitted by a friend of Big T's mom.

Hip hop babies
Why do they do this to us?

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Here are 2 more favorite shots from our time in Oregon.  Two special friends, Leah and Kaya (AKA "Kayak" to my boys) came over to play one day and brought sunglasses for all 4 of the kids to share.  With all the kids in shades, we just HAD to take a few pictures...

Stay in the photo, Oliver!
The Superstars

My First Sled Ride

Today was so nice that we bundled everyone up and got out the sleds for a walk.  Mr. T and O Boy prefer pulling dump trucks to being pulled and the Little Sweetie just slept the entire time in her sled.  I'm not even sure she knew it was cold out.

HUGEmongous snowsuit, tiny baby

In preparation for her first sled ride, I put the Little Sweetie in this fantastic (but very large) snowsuit passed on from Jadyn Cook (see the Practice Makes...!?! post).  As Mr. T, would say, "It's HUGEmongous Mom!"

My first Killer Whale, Mom!

This morning as we were eating breakfast the local radio announcer said, "And the biggest show in town is right now out in the Wrangell Narrows...3 Killer Whales!"  So I dropped everything and threw all 3 kids in their jammies in the car (this implies that it took much, much less time than it actually did - we're lucky the whales were still around by the time we got there!).  Once we arrived, the street was lined with cars and there were people everywhere just watching and taking pictures of the 3 Killer Whales circling around a buoy in the Narrows.  Apparently there was a sea lion up on the buoy they were stalking.  We watched them - 2 huge ones and one small one - for quite a while until they swam out into Frederick Sound.  The parade of cars continued following them all the way down the road long past when we stayed.  It was a very fun Petersburg sight! (and now the Little Sweetie can put her "my first Killer Whale" sticker in her baby calendar just one day short of her one month birthday.  How many kids can do the same?)
Can you find the Killer Whale?  By this time they were fairly far out into Frederick Sound, so all you can see is the spray and the tiny fin in the bottom right hand corner.

Family reading time

One rocking chair is definitely getting a bit too small!  Apparently the Little Sweetie thinks that she's the one getting squished the most...!

Helping Out

Dad's got someone new to run his sermons by - and since her main form of communication is crying, she could be his toughest critic yet.