Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting to know the Little Sweetie

the mutual admiration society
cuddling up with Uncle Brian and Aunt Julie
4 generations: 2 great grandmothers, a mom, a Little Sweetie, and a Mimi
cousin Reiley practices up for her newest sibling, set to arrive late summer
storytime with Mimi and Mr. T
Great Auntie Jane (giver of all good stuffed animals) gets in a cuddle
O Boy is a tremendous helper at bathtime as long as the size of his dumping cup is kept VERY SMALL so that his sister is not flooded (note the tiny cup he was given).  His job seems to be continually dumping water all over her as fast as he can refill his tiny cup.
the two little Wilson family princesses!
silly Wilson family cousins
happy great grandparents, silly kids

"UnkaJohn," as he is known by the boys, meets his newest niece.

Aunt Missi and Great-Grandma Lou give the Little Sweetie some cuddles.

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