Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"The birthday boy goes 3"

The title phrase comes from a birthday card beautifully drawn by Miss J.U., a friend O Boy loves to play with when we stay in Tigard.  She, her sisters, a few other friends and assorted wonderful cousins helped O Boy celebrate his long-awaited 3rd birthday!
O Boy, Mr. T and cousin Sam clown around in their fire hats. 
Oldest cousin Drew shows how the pin the badge on the fireman game works.  The fireman was drawn by Papa Wilson
Mt. T was first in to the fire truck and last out!
the birthday crew at the Tigard Fire Station
Despite his initial enthusiasm, O Boy needed some major coaxing and assistance from Dad to actually get up into the fire truck once he was actually given the opportunity.
One of the fire truck cakes (or fire Hummer as we like to call it).  Please note the adorable baby sister in the background being monopolized by Jen Johnson.

It was fantastic to celebrate a birthday finally with family!

Mr. T and UnkaJohn
O Boy and Amazing Aunt Missi

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