Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Children's Museum

Living in a small town on a remote island means that coming "down south" provides many, many opportunities for fun, new experiences.  Our kids don't need to go to Disneyland - just riding on the local commuter train is adventure enough!

While down in Portland, Mr. T. and O Boy rode the commuter train with Mimi and Papa up to the Children's Museum.
Here's Mr. T on the pretend ambulance, calling in an emergency like an old pro.
Looks like these guys both need some major dental work!
I love O Boy's expression of deep concern, mirroring his Papa's.  He is taking this doctor's exam very seriously.
With Dad in the Dig Pit - the absolute favorite spot of all!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

For nursing moms

Though I definitely don't endorse all the content on their site, the onion.com has been a fantastic resource for me as I nurse in the middle of the night these past few weeks.  There's nothing like (silent) hysterical laughter to keep you awake for those 12am feedings.  

And for a more significant way to spend your time in the middle of the night, the ESV (English Standard Version) website has several read-through-the-Bible plans that you can listen to. I'm following the Everyday in the Word plan, since 3am is about the only time I'm able to read my Bible these days (and it's very nice to have someone read through the lists of names in Numbers for you!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"The birthday boy goes 3"

The title phrase comes from a birthday card beautifully drawn by Miss J.U., a friend O Boy loves to play with when we stay in Tigard.  She, her sisters, a few other friends and assorted wonderful cousins helped O Boy celebrate his long-awaited 3rd birthday!
O Boy, Mr. T and cousin Sam clown around in their fire hats. 
Oldest cousin Drew shows how the pin the badge on the fireman game works.  The fireman was drawn by Papa Wilson
Mt. T was first in to the fire truck and last out!
the birthday crew at the Tigard Fire Station
Despite his initial enthusiasm, O Boy needed some major coaxing and assistance from Dad to actually get up into the fire truck once he was actually given the opportunity.
One of the fire truck cakes (or fire Hummer as we like to call it).  Please note the adorable baby sister in the background being monopolized by Jen Johnson.

It was fantastic to celebrate a birthday finally with family!

Mr. T and UnkaJohn
O Boy and Amazing Aunt Missi

New glasses!

Getting to know the Little Sweetie

the mutual admiration society
cuddling up with Uncle Brian and Aunt Julie
4 generations: 2 great grandmothers, a mom, a Little Sweetie, and a Mimi
cousin Reiley practices up for her newest sibling, set to arrive late summer
storytime with Mimi and Mr. T
Great Auntie Jane (giver of all good stuffed animals) gets in a cuddle
O Boy is a tremendous helper at bathtime as long as the size of his dumping cup is kept VERY SMALL so that his sister is not flooded (note the tiny cup he was given).  His job seems to be continually dumping water all over her as fast as he can refill his tiny cup.
the two little Wilson family princesses!
silly Wilson family cousins
happy great grandparents, silly kids

"UnkaJohn," as he is known by the boys, meets his newest niece.

Aunt Missi and Great-Grandma Lou give the Little Sweetie some cuddles.