Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome Linnea Sue Smith

We're very thankful to introduce the newest little Smith, Linnea Sue!  For those who follow our blog regularly, she'll be referred to as the Little Sweetie from now on...

She joined our family a week and half earlier than planned after an extremely quick delivery but was still 6 pounds, 14 oz. and 18 1/2 inches long and ready to be born!  We're all rejoicing at her arrival and enjoying the process of getting to know this new little bundle of pinkness who has joined our family.  The boys are still learning how to say her name and refer to her as OURBABY (one word).  She's definitely still a novelty and is on the receiving end of many kisses and cuddles all throughout the day.

Kisses from Mr. T.

Many have asked how we chose the name "Linnea Sue."

To put it into context, we live in Petersburg, which is nicknamed "Little Norway."  It is a town rich in Scandinavian tradition and heritage.  Linnea is a Scandinavian name which is very popular in both Sweden and Norway (it was the #1 name for Norwegian girls in 2008).  The actual name Linnea comes from the flower Linnaea Borealis (the national flower of Sweden).   The word Borealis refers to "of the north" (as in aurora borealis, or "dawn of the north").  Below you'll see a photo of this dainty little flower.  Thus, we chose the name Linnea for our little "flower" who will live up north in a passionately Scandinavian community.  Though there are many creative ways to both say and spell this name, LINNEA is the most common spelling and "lin-AY-uh" the most typical way to pronounce it.

Additionally, Jessica's middle name is Lynn and Phil loved the idea of naming his daughter after her mother.  It also reminds us of several special ladies in our lives (and who will be important in Linnea's life) who have "lyn" or "lin" in their names.

We chose the middle name Sue to honor two women we love greatly: Jessica's grandmother Susan Gotter and Phil's sister, Linda whose nickname is Sue.

Awake and happy from her first moments!
Proud dad
Mr. T meets the Little Sweetie for the first time.
Even a cry is cute to a dad.
The boys in their big brother t-shirts given to them by "Grandma" Rita Ronne from church.  The shirts say "I'm the bigger brother" and "I'm the biggest brother."
Proud Papa Wilson, self-proclaimed Baby Whisperer

Wonderful nurse Becca holds the Little Sweetie all ready to head home.  She's decked out in her PINK  Alaskan booties from "Aunt" Deb Ernst and her first dress.

Car seat rides are never fun...especially your first ever!


Andy said...

Congratulations, guys! :D What a beautiful baby! And what a beautiful name too. :)

Jodi said...

I'm Norwegian and Dave is Swedish, so we are down with the Scandinavian name.
Congratulations...she is beautiful. I love the pictures of Mr. T. He is going to be such a great big brother to her.

Jonny and Amy said...

What a sweet little girl! And the boys look like they're coming into their new roles so well.

It's so fun to get these updates from you via dad. Great to hear how everything is going 'up north'!

Amy McCormick (McCreith)

Cody Meg Wywy Izy Ruby & Ruck said...

Congrats & welcome to the land of pink babies & big brothers! Little Sweetie looks beautifu. We're so happy for you.

Rob and Becky said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations!

netsirK said...

Congratulations! So glad everything went well. :)