Monday, January 05, 2009

Practice makes...?!

Our friend Tina brought her little 5 month old girl over the other day to give the boys a taste of what it's like to have a baby girl around.  They were SO excited.  O Boy proceeded to place every single one of our baby toys in and around her until she was almost submerged by them.  They made comments and had questions about just about everything she did from, "Mom, is she going to cry now...?" to wanting to help feed her a bottle.  Baby J was a trooper and handled the adoration very well.  My comment to Phil after this visit was, "They'll love having a baby sister...for the first 35 minutes!"

Mr. T. seemed to be the big winner in capturing Baby J's attention.  She really liked watching him and he just loved holding her, patting her head gently and singing Rock a Bye Baby to her.
Here's one difference between toddlers and an infant: when the camera comes out, the toddlers forget the bottle and turn to shout "CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE" as loud as they can...making the infant cry and wonder where her bottle went.  

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Anonymous said...

hi jessica! this is alma of your folks friend in the Philippines. we're so glad that your having a baby again (is it gonna be a girl?..nice..) your boys have grown so much.. Take care and God bless you!

from: Leo Alma ( our daughters: Bea and Nina) Capacio from SIL Philippines