Saturday, January 03, 2009

Church sledding party 2009

Even though the temps never topped 10 degrees (and it was reading 3 degrees as we were driving home) a large group from our church showed up "out the road" on New Year's Day to barrel down one of the very snow-covered logging roads, huddle around a roaring fire, sip apple cider and eat meat and fish roasted over the fire.

Here's the view down with a few kids going down the easy way - behind a snow machine.  We didn't realize that we'd have to hike in from the main road and up the hill about a quarter of a mile (while pulling the boys on a sled) to get to the fire and the hot apple cider!  Thankfully, sometimes once a crew would sled down a snow machine would follow to retrieve them and spare them the long hike back up.  This was such a long, steep hill that you can imagine how far and fast you could go with enough weight and momentum!
You can see the look of grim intensity in O Boy's eyes as he realizes just how huge that hill is.  After one ride down and a snow machine ride back up (which terrified them), they were content to stand by the fire with mom for the rest of the afternoon eating cookies.

I brought a lawn chair and sat by the fire all afternoon just hanging out.  No sledding for this very pregnant lady...though we did all get dragged out behind a snow machine which didn't make my doctor too happy...
You can tell how cold it is by the fact that, even by the fire people were not shedding ANY layers - gloves, hats, scarves etc.!

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