Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby Reunion

Several weeks ago 2 of my friends and I who all have babies born with weeks of each other got all the babies together to do some playing and of course photographing. It's fun to watch these little guys grow up together.

Here's Ty and his backup singers

In this series of pictures my friend Mary caught a rarely seen glimpse of baby thought processes. Watch the drama unfold...

Becca says to herself, "Hmm, that toy looks like a lot of fun."
Now it's even closer and she's definitely thinking about making her move.
How easy was that? Little Sweetie OFFERS it to her!
Success! Becca scored the toy and the Little Sweetie is on to newer and better toys.

But wait...perhaps that one was the best toy after all...
And both girls are back to their original positions - and seem happy about it!
Here's Becca watching the two crawlers about to make a dash to get out of the picture.

Friday, December 11, 2009

10 months old

Angel baby
Rascal baby
Alaskan baby

Budding photographer

This picture was taken by O Boy the other day. Nice work! He actually got both of us in the frame and smiling. Even seasoned photographers struggle with that sometimes.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Alaskan fun

The boys wanted to go outside tonight after their bath and with jammies on to see the stars (since we have a cloudy sky so much of the time this is a rare enough occurrence to make it exciting). So they put on their boots and hats and skipped out into the below freezing weather to look at the stars and scoot around in the snow. True Alaskan fun!

Christmas Tree Hunt 2009

O Boy decided he needed to wear the complete lion costume the entire time. You'll notice his tail sticking up and out of his snowpants.

Since I always have trouble figuring out how blogger is going to upload our photos, some of these sequences are backwards!

Yet again Dad wrestles a painfully pokey tree onto the top of the car.

Only about 11 feet tall this year!
Watching the chainsaw at work. This year, for the first time, Phil found our tree just a short distance away from where we parked the cars and within minutes of our arriving. Amazing.

Taking O Boy's tree back to the car.

My very own tree!
Holding on while dad cuts it down (he chose a painfully pokey spruce!)
This is the ONE.
Off to find my own tree with Dad.

My very own tree!

Here's my little tree!
Standing on a frozen old moose (or elk?) hide we found by the cars.
A big animal skull we found by the cars.
O Boy gets some costume adjustment (his lion mask was tipped) help from Mr. Ray.
Wow! What is this huge thing??

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sensory fun

I remembered the other day that our wonderful "Grandma" Alice had given the boys Rice Krispies to play with when they were tiny. They make fantastic noises when smushed and are totally safe for little guys to put in their mouths. So in the interest of fairness...I got some out for the Little Sweetie to play in the other day. In the video you can hear how her brothers are getting quite a kick out of watching her antics.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Countdown has begun

In our little town, the countdown to Christmas begins the day after Thanksgiving with the town parade (everyone marches down Main street singing Christmas songs) to the immense Christmas tree which is then lit ceremonially by an esteemed member of the community. Free hot cider, candles, light sticks, a visit by Santa (who rode on a 4 wheeler this year due to his poor health) and Christmas carols sung/played by the high school music program make it a really quaint small town Christmas kickoff. And this year, it wasn't a complete downpour like it was last year!

Little Sweetie and her friend Baby Ty got to ride in the parade (and play peek-a-boo)!

Splish Splash

In which Little Sweetie (soaked through) and O Boy play with bubbles and O Boy sings an original song.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

First Sledding 2009

A few weeks ago we got our first good snow; meaning enough to sled on! So we hauled out the sleds and piled into the car to go sledding with some friends "out the road."
Mr. T was an expert at bailing over the side if he felt at all like he was going to crash.

Little Sweetie got a few runs in both on the big sled with mom and going free solo by being pulled along behind us in her own little sled.

O Boy desperately wanted to go "in the hole" which meant get to the end of the run and drop down, out of sight, into a tree well. The bigger boys we were with were doing it, after all. But it was kind of dangerous since you had to lean quickly to the side when you dropped out of sight to avoid smashing into the tree. So I finally pushed him off and watched him head for "the hole." Sure enough, he dropped down and disappeared a few seconds while we all held our breaths and expected to hear a big crash. Then his little orange sled appeared again and he came up with a HUGE smile, having conquered "the Hole" like the big boys.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Castle

I've posted videos of O Boy explaining some of his amazing creations so I thought I'd better do the same with a pretty surprising and unusual castle Mr. T built a few weeks ago. It's not the best example of his fine speaking abilities, but I think the grandparents might enjoy watching it at least! He so rarely builds things like this (out of Legos or blocks) that it was cool to see him build it and then describe it.

Our first snowman

Last year we got dumped on with so much snow that we never could really make a snowman; before that the boys were too young. So finally, this is the year we had the right snow and the right manpower to build a real snowman! It's been perfect snowman snow this year so far (and we have a large snowbunny on our lawn).
Things you should know about this snowman:
I had totally forgotten how extremely heaving snowballs could get so fast. That's why he only has 2 body parts - I didn't want to roll another ball! His face is cranberries (all could think to use since it was already dark out) and was promptly eaten away the next morning by birds. At the breakfast table Mr. T exclaimed, "Noman! No face! Mom!" and sure enough, no face on the poor guy. Lesson learned. His nose was a nice organic carrot which (we thought) was promptly thrown over the deck by Mr. T the moment I turned my back. I should have seen than coming but I didn't. Actually, several days (and lots of rain) later, we discovered the carrot still on the deck - he'd almost thrown it over the edge but he missed and it got buried in the snow. It has now reappeared and will live again as another nose on another snowman. This guy isn't looking so good as of today; I think his head fell off yesterday thanks to El Nino and tons of rain.
It was fun making a snowman again. We have a picture book about snowmen and the kids in the book say something like, "It's amazing! These things work year after year!" And that was my reaction too - I had forgotten how easy and fun it is to make snowmen (and how much lumpier they really are than picture book snowmen). Thank you God for snow!

"Twins" can be pretty fun...and pretty messy!

We had some friends staying with us for a few days and our 2 babies (10 days apart) provided many, many opportunities for laughter and great photo moments. These two funny babies were continually switching pacifiers (it's amazing no one got sick!). As soon as we would switch them back, they'd head for the other one's pacifier and switch back again. !!

Here's Baby Ty delighting in his food.
Little Sweetie loves to eat too...
Here are the adorables:

Bye Ty! We loved having you (and your bro and mom) over!