Monday, December 22, 2008

Nativity Creativity

Along with the many "firsts" the boys are participating in this year, setting up and playing with their own nativity scene has been great fun.  Inspired by our friend Heather's post of her 3 year old's creative interaction with their nativity scene, I thought I'd start keeping track of all the different arrangements they've come with up for ours.

This is entitled "The Flying Bethlehem Circus"
Perhaps there was such a large crowd that night that everyone had to stand on each others' heads just to get a glimpse of baby Jesus?
At some point a second baby appeared in the scene.  My mom helpfully suggested that it must be baby John, just visiting his cousin.  Please note that a pirate (and extra horse) have also been added to the joyful group.
This is entitled, "The Bethlehem Parade"
This is actually one of their favorite ways to arrange the people (still including the pirate - he is now an inseparable part of the story).  They love lining everyone up to come see the baby.
Did you know that the 3 wisemen arrived in 3 racecars?  Here they are on the approach.
You can see Mr. T's mouth in "zoom" position as the 3 wisemen do a drive-by gift drop off through the stable.  They did have a long trip home...and had to avoid it is understandable that they were in a hurry.

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