Monday, December 08, 2008

Looking back and looking ahead

This post was motivated by the fact that I discovered 2 previously forgotten snapshots of O Boy as a tiny little guy with me apparently taken when I was trying out our Photo Booth program.  Then the boys discovered the new (to us) baby car seat which came into the house in preparation for the newest Smith's arrival in a few months.  They thought it was a fantastic new toy for THEM to play with/in.  So here are a few shots of looking back at the boys as babies and looking ahead to all the fun new things that they'll get to play with when we have another baby in the house to entertain them...(and us).

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Stewart Family said...

I constantly find my boys in the our baby carrier too. I think they like it now more than they did as babies. Glad to know we aren't alone. Also, the pics of your guys as little guys are just too precious. It makes you realize how fast it goes. Seems like just yesterday the fab four cousins were born...and now they are all 4 years did that happen????