Monday, December 01, 2008

The annual Christmas tree lighting parade and ceremony

I know, this is a crazy picture (it was on the wrong setting), but because of all the lights I thought it came out looking kind of neat. Here we are in the annual Christmas tree lighting parade. The protocol is: line up in front of one of our grocery stores at 5:15pm and get a free light stick (kids) and candle (adults). At 5:30pm, the whole assembled throng, plus Santa in full regalia, marches down the street past any assembled onlookers who didn't make it in time for the candle hand-out. Then we all gather around the tremendously huge town Christmas tree and watch as it, and all the lights up and down the street, are lit up. Then the high school chorus and band typically do a few Christmas numbers. A very Petersburg way to start off the Christmas season! This year it was an absolute downpour so it was an even more typically Southeast Alaskan experience.
Here's what the picture was supposed to look like! (in focus!)
Here we are at the end of the parade (down the street) in front of the tree.  You can see how absolutely drenched we got in just a few short minutes.  My candle got snuffed out it was raining so hard!  O Boy is looking a bit the worse for the wear due to a no-nap day.

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Cody Meg Wywy Izy & Ruck said...

We missed that special day:( I was so happy to see pictures though! Thanks for sharing.