Monday, December 08, 2008

Every little boy's dream

One of our favorite aspects about raising 2 little boys in Petersburg is that we live right by the airport (well, everything is relatively "right by" the airport!) and twice a day usually get to see the giant jets take off and land.  One of the best places to watch this happen is at Sandy Beach, where the descending jet comes in right over the beach!  Very exciting for any little boys who happen to be in the vicinity.  Our new church is actually right in the flight path as well - but when the jet is even closer to landing.  So on Sundays Phil may get interrupted at around 10:30 as the huge roar of the jet passes overhead.  This picture was actually taken at least a year ago by a playgroup mom who just sent me this photo of her little boy, another playgroup friend, and Mr. T. (in blue).  They were pretty thrilled to see that jet zoom overhead.  As a matter of fact, they still are.  The thrill just never seems to go away.  Even these days as we hear the jets take off and land, they'll run from where ever they are in the house to the front windows to see if they can catch a glimpse of it disappearing in the sky.

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Katie said...

Do you know the sex of the baby yet, Jess? I am so excited! Jason and I just became Godparents for a second time! I am so excited!