Monday, December 08, 2008

Decorating the Christmas tree

This was the first year I actually remember the boys fully participating in the whole tree experience - from the cutting to the decorating.  The only problems were:

O Boy took each of his ornaments and put them almost ALL on one small section of one small branch at the bottom of the tree, which was soon touching the ground. He firmly resisted any attempts to broaden his scope of ornament placing. Occasionally he would step away from the whole process and say, "You guys do it now. I'm just watching." A good future delegator. Here you can see how meticulous he was in placing each ornament in just the right spot.

Mr. T's only range of placing ornaments, on the other hand, was "WAY UP HIGH, DAD!" So he would take an ornament, shout, "WAY UP HIGH, DAD!" and get lifted "way up high"...but once he got up there he wasn't too keen on getting close to the pokey needles so Dad usually ended up putting the ornament on after all. But at least it was way up high.

But the real reason we get a very tall tree...
Is so that Dad has to get a ladder and so that we get to play fireman with our vacuum hose.  Again and again and again and again and again.  The ladder was much more fun than the tree decorating project itself.  And, should there have been any fires at the top of our tree, they would all be out by now.  

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