Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Patch visit, Oregon 10/08

One special treat we got to experience due to visiting Oregon in Oct. was a visit to an absolutely fantastic pumpkin patch on Sauvie's Island in Portland.  To add to the fun, my college roommate Jen and her family, Mimi and Papa, and Aunt Julie came along to join in.

At the top of the tremendously high hay pyramid
Aunt Julie can always get a smile out of even the most smile-resistant.
The tractors strategically placed for prime photo ops around the property were an absolute delight to Mr. T and O Boy.  Farms=tractors in their mind, and almost nothing else.
Hay tossing - always a fun fall activity.
Mr. T and Papa try on American Gothic for size.

The tractor ride: if they could have stayed on this tractor all day riding around the pumpkin patch, I think they would have.  As it was, I think we got in 4 very long rides which were MUCH enjoyed.

"I got me some hay, now I'm lookin' for a horse."  O Boy carefully picked up this hay and wandered around intent on finding a horse to feed it to.
"I guess a very willing goat will have to do..."
More tractor rides and giggles with Aunt Julie
The Johnson-Smith crew: all our kids are just months apart - just opposite genders!  We're terribly disappointed in the Johnsons in falling behind our numbers in the baby game though.  Who will our third child hang out with when we get together??
Please note (Jen would appreciate it) that Jen is wearing her GFC Hob 3 (our freshman floor) sweatshirt in honor of our big pumpkin patch get-together.  Mine got bleach on it years ago or there's no doubt I would have resurrected it for the occasion as well.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fall Fun

Note that all of O Boy's leaves are just above his head in a bunch, about to fall down on top of him!

Yes, they are wearing SNOWSUITS on Oct. 4!  This is Alaska, after all.
These amazing bubbles were made with the homemade bubble solution listed below.  It makes HUGE, STRONG bubbles!  But beware, it is a very sticky solution because of the Karo syrup.  We had a playgroup day just devoted to bubbles and I made up this solution for that event.  Since there was lots of bubble mix left over, we decided to blow some more a few days ago.

Ultimate Bubble Recipe

2 c Dawn dishwashing detergent
¾ c white Karo corn syrup
6 c water

Combine all ingredients in a container with a tight fitting lid and shake well. Let settle for at least 4 hours before using. Store in refrigerator to preserve mix, but bring to room temp before using. Avoid stirring the mix once made, this causes foam which interferes with the bubbles. This is non-toxic, but shouldn’t be eaten and it should be kept out of little eyes!

Ack!  It's the sun!  These Southeast babies are clearly suprised by the sun after a very cloudy, rainy summer up here in Petersburg.  I love how they are each responding to the bright sun so differently!  O Boy and our friend Miss CM climbed up on this log just to sit in the sun (and so of course Mr. T wanted to join them).  I snapped this picture immediately after they all got up there and realized just how bright and warm the sun was!  And yes, even though it's sunny, they are all wearing winter coats.  THIS IS ALASKA, after all!!