Monday, September 01, 2008

End of summer fun

Kiddie pools, cold water and bathing suits don't mix well with cold and rainy Alaskan summers, so our solution is: bubble suits, hot water and bubbles in the pool, and watering cans!  This kept them busy for a very long rainy afternoon.
Mr. T decided that it was close enough to a hot tub to merit full-body immersion...again and again and again.  He'd yell, "Mo-mmmm!  Come watch!" and then proudly announce, "All wet!"
Making messes inside is the only option when outside is just too wet.
Here they were painting with their feet on a long piece of butcher paper.

If painting with your feet is fun, painting with banana and chocolate pudding is even MORE fun!
Here is a secret hiding place made by the deer in some ferns outside our house and occupied by O Boy.

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