Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008


This year Mr. T's preschool teacher is sending home a newsletter which looks ahead, previewing some of the themes, songs, and activities they'll be doing in the coming month.  One activity she mentioned was making face snacks.  I had thought about trying this before but never got around to getting it organized, so this was my motivation: to try it before he does it in preschool.  We had leftover pineapple from making carrot cake in the morning together so we added apple slices, raisins, and crackers to make very fun and funny faces.  It was another good opportunity to see their personalities really come out...

First we talked about which items would work best for which body parts, but they didn't really care about that discussion.  They just wanted to get to eating the pineapple.  So I made a face and then let them choose one body part at a time to add to their faces (we had to put a limit on how many nose-pineapples could be eaten or there would have been none left...).  I was fascinated to see how they each copied (or not) the model I made.

Here is O Boy's first face (as is typical he didn't want to look for the picture):
Note that there are 3 eyeballs and the mouth is on top of the eyes.  This is a pattern he continued for the rest of his faces for some reason.
Here is Mr. T's first face, which is exactly like the one I made, except it's frowning.  At least he's having fun!
Here's Mr. T's second face, where he got everything in it's correct place all by himself.  Hooray!
Here's a picture of what O Boy's 2nd and 3rd faces looked like - much closer to the one I made, except you'll note that the mouth continues to hang out above the eyes for some reason.  Two year olds...who can figure them out??

Monday, September 01, 2008

End of summer fun

Kiddie pools, cold water and bathing suits don't mix well with cold and rainy Alaskan summers, so our solution is: bubble suits, hot water and bubbles in the pool, and watering cans!  This kept them busy for a very long rainy afternoon.
Mr. T decided that it was close enough to a hot tub to merit full-body immersion...again and again and again.  He'd yell, "Mo-mmmm!  Come watch!" and then proudly announce, "All wet!"
Making messes inside is the only option when outside is just too wet.
Here they were painting with their feet on a long piece of butcher paper.

If painting with your feet is fun, painting with banana and chocolate pudding is even MORE fun!
Here is a secret hiding place made by the deer in some ferns outside our house and occupied by O Boy.