Thursday, August 07, 2008

Visit to Oregon: Part 4 - Mr. T's "birthday"

Since Mr. T's birthday was just a week after we returned home from Oregon, and since he's never celebrated a birthday around family, Mimi threw together a fantastic "birthday" for him.

O Boy and Mimi made (and pre-tasted) the cake.  This was the result of another day of O Boy skipping his nap.  Who wouldn't choose making a cake over taking a nap!?
No need for anymore birthday entertainment than a ride on Super Grandpa's tractor with the Lesyk cousins.
Silly cousins!

Oh the excitement!  Mr. T. didn't really care whose birthday it was; he was just happy to say, "HAPPYBIRTHDAYCAKE!" (all one word) all evening long.

Please note that Mr. T. takes as much pleasure in singing the song to himself as everyone else does. :-)

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Bella's Mum and Papa said...

Wow! He's 4! Happy Belated Birthday T.