Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Visit to Oregon: Part 3 - Fun, fun everyday

Fun during naptime:
Here is what O Boy spent many of his naptimes doing: unloading every reachable item in his room and reloading it onto his "boat" bed.  This got more complicated, involved, and took more clean up time each eventually the boat game had to be dry-docked.  Here he is proudly showing off his "boat".
Fun with Mimi:
Here's Mr. T. playing peekaboo and rocking with Mimi early in the morning (while Mom and Dad were still asleep).  Fun!
Fun with Mimi at reading time before naps.
Fun with Papa watching the garbage and recycling trucks that went by multiple times each week.
Fun with Papa and Cousins Drew and Sam, teaching Papa how much fun Wikipedia can be.
Fun with cousins and friends eating McDONALD'S!  This really is a fun, new experience for Petersburg boys.
Silly fun with cousin Sam.
Fun buying a new car and then packing it up with Costco stuff to send up to Petersburg on the barge.

Fun playing badminton:
Mr. T. tends to blur the line between the sports, but no matter - he's got a great swing whether it's baseball, golf or badminton!

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