Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Visit to Oregon: Part 2 - Getting Dirty is Delightfully Fun

Not sure why, but being in Oregon just brings out the messy side of our boys. Maybe it's because they finally get to wear less clothing, maybe it's because a lot of their days are spent combining dirt and water and popsicles, or maybe it's just that it's so sunny, we can finally see all the dirt that was there all along. Who knows?

The popsicle fu-manchu beard: popular among 4 year olds.
Look closely at this winning combination: a popsicle face that has attracted dirt PLUS the tip of the nose covered by Kleenex left over from a nose wipe (the popsicle stickiness at work again).
Mr. T. glaring at his parents to say, "You've been holding out on me!  How come this is my first ice cream cone and I'm almost 4?!"


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