Saturday, August 09, 2008

Going to watch Ben Stiller's new movie "Tropic Thunder"?

Before you do, please consider visiting one or all of these excellent links:

An open letter to Mr. Stiller by Dave Hingsburger.

Just the facts on Tropic Thunder by Patricia E. Bauer.

Bravo Dreamworks! What courage it must have taken to make fun of retards! by Steve Gorelick.

And please consider mentioning these sites and their take on the issues (mis)handled by this movie to others you know who may be considering spending their money on this movie.

Thank you to Blueberry Shoes Productions and the Arc of Virginia and the Arc of Northern Virginia for producing this excellent video:

Thanks so much for supporting this effort!

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Bella's Mum and Papa said...

I am too out of the current movie loop to have even heard of this. Any info on what Ben Stiller is saying in his defense? It is just so appalling I am confused as to how it can even be a part of a movie script!