Tuesday, August 05, 2008

4th of July and fun with the Johnson girls

There is no way I can top the blog entry my friend Jen wrote up about our shared 4th celebration down in Oregon. Please check it out at her website. The caveat I would add is that Petersburg is NOT Hicksville, nor does it deserve some of the other appellations she gave it. If she would ever visit here, she would know that. She's just intimidated because we live near bears. I can't believe she raises her kids in downtown Portland. Talk about danger.

If you want to read another funny blog entry about the antics of our 4 kids together (2 girls - hers, and 2 boys, mine), then check out the Double (Play)Date entry here.

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TimnND said...

I would have to agree that Petersburg is not Hicksville, but she was pretty right on with some of those. Hey weren't you supposed to call when you came to the mainland? =)