Saturday, August 09, 2008

Going to watch Ben Stiller's new movie "Tropic Thunder"?

Before you do, please consider visiting one or all of these excellent links:

An open letter to Mr. Stiller by Dave Hingsburger.

Just the facts on Tropic Thunder by Patricia E. Bauer.

Bravo Dreamworks! What courage it must have taken to make fun of retards! by Steve Gorelick.

And please consider mentioning these sites and their take on the issues (mis)handled by this movie to others you know who may be considering spending their money on this movie.

Thank you to Blueberry Shoes Productions and the Arc of Virginia and the Arc of Northern Virginia for producing this excellent video:

Thanks so much for supporting this effort!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Visit to Oregon: Part 4 - Mr. T's "birthday"

Since Mr. T's birthday was just a week after we returned home from Oregon, and since he's never celebrated a birthday around family, Mimi threw together a fantastic "birthday" for him.

O Boy and Mimi made (and pre-tasted) the cake.  This was the result of another day of O Boy skipping his nap.  Who wouldn't choose making a cake over taking a nap!?
No need for anymore birthday entertainment than a ride on Super Grandpa's tractor with the Lesyk cousins.
Silly cousins!

Oh the excitement!  Mr. T. didn't really care whose birthday it was; he was just happy to say, "HAPPYBIRTHDAYCAKE!" (all one word) all evening long.

Please note that Mr. T. takes as much pleasure in singing the song to himself as everyone else does. :-)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Visit to Oregon: Part 3 - Fun, fun everyday

Fun during naptime:
Here is what O Boy spent many of his naptimes doing: unloading every reachable item in his room and reloading it onto his "boat" bed.  This got more complicated, involved, and took more clean up time each eventually the boat game had to be dry-docked.  Here he is proudly showing off his "boat".
Fun with Mimi:
Here's Mr. T. playing peekaboo and rocking with Mimi early in the morning (while Mom and Dad were still asleep).  Fun!
Fun with Mimi at reading time before naps.
Fun with Papa watching the garbage and recycling trucks that went by multiple times each week.
Fun with Papa and Cousins Drew and Sam, teaching Papa how much fun Wikipedia can be.
Fun with cousins and friends eating McDONALD'S!  This really is a fun, new experience for Petersburg boys.
Silly fun with cousin Sam.
Fun buying a new car and then packing it up with Costco stuff to send up to Petersburg on the barge.

Fun playing badminton:
Mr. T. tends to blur the line between the sports, but no matter - he's got a great swing whether it's baseball, golf or badminton!

Visit to Oregon: Part 2 - Getting Dirty is Delightfully Fun

Not sure why, but being in Oregon just brings out the messy side of our boys. Maybe it's because they finally get to wear less clothing, maybe it's because a lot of their days are spent combining dirt and water and popsicles, or maybe it's just that it's so sunny, we can finally see all the dirt that was there all along. Who knows?

The popsicle fu-manchu beard: popular among 4 year olds.
Look closely at this winning combination: a popsicle face that has attracted dirt PLUS the tip of the nose covered by Kleenex left over from a nose wipe (the popsicle stickiness at work again).
Mr. T. glaring at his parents to say, "You've been holding out on me!  How come this is my first ice cream cone and I'm almost 4?!"


Visit to Oregon: Part 1 - "Helping" Papa and Mimi

One of Mr. T and O Boy's favorite parts of the trip to Oregon was jumping in to "help out" whenever they thought Papa or Mimi were doing something that looked fun...especially if it involved heavy machinery.

Our Day at Old McShulke's Farm

One of the highlights of our time in Oregon was visiting Scott and Steph Shulke's farm, complete with goats, sheep, heavy machinery and horses to ride!  We went along with our friends Miss Lovely Johnson and Miss Kutie Johnson (my friend Jen may be crazy, but those AREN'T their real names!) who are almost the exact same age as O Boy and Mr. T.  Amazingly, all the kids loved riding the horses.  All the extra "stuff" - great lunch, trampoline, climbing on dozers, feeding goats...was just icing on the cake.  THANKS to the Shulke's for making this such a special day!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

4th of July and fun with the Johnson girls

There is no way I can top the blog entry my friend Jen wrote up about our shared 4th celebration down in Oregon. Please check it out at her website. The caveat I would add is that Petersburg is NOT Hicksville, nor does it deserve some of the other appellations she gave it. If she would ever visit here, she would know that. She's just intimidated because we live near bears. I can't believe she raises her kids in downtown Portland. Talk about danger.

If you want to read another funny blog entry about the antics of our 4 kids together (2 girls - hers, and 2 boys, mine), then check out the Double (Play)Date entry here.