Saturday, June 28, 2008

Off to work

The other day the boys got out 2 old keyboards we have around for them to play with and O Boy got a fantastic idea: play "going to the office like Daddy."  He immediately rounded up:
Phil's running shoes
a bag to shove the laptop into
a shapes card which he called his "paper" and was a necessary part of the office setup
and Rosie, his dog.

After carting them all around the room he directed me to setup an office:
the keyboard cord had to be taped to the wall
the shoes, paper, and doggie were placed next to him on the bench
the keyboard was set up on the chair (as a desk of course).

This game moved pretty quickly beyond Mr. T's ability and desire to imagine, so he just sat around watching while simultaneously playing with his cars and trucks.  Occasionally he'd try to copy what O Boy was doing - getting his own pair of shoes, etc. etc.

Off to work like Daddy!

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