Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beautiful works of art...secretly occupational therapy!

Here are 4 fish made by the boys using an activity from the Play and Learn preschool curriculum written by 2 occupational therapists.  The goal is to get the child to cross midline with their paintbrush - or finger -  (reaching for the paint) and then bring it back to paint on the fish.  I like these fish because they show the differences between the 2 boys so strikingly.  They each picked the colors and the method of painting...and the results couldn't be more different. 

Mr. T's fish - you can see he was trying to do the crossing midline/dotting thing very well in the bottom fish.  The top fish was covered with dots and then the dots were covered completely by his full-hands painting.  Then he decided to go over the paint with a crayon, scraping it away in lines.  

O Boy's fish - I wasn't so concerned that he follow the "crossing midline" protocol very closely so he did what he loves best: mixing all the colors he'd chosen together into a goo and slathering it all over the fish.


Mamasphere said...

Found your blog via Tiffany at A Tall Drink of Life.

Great art idea! And fitting for where you are.

My dad, stepmom and little sister live in Ketchikan! It's absolutely gorgeous in your part of the world. I was born and lived in Alaska until I was seven, but mostly raised in Oregon. We visit Ketchikan every few years, though it's getting so darn expensive to fly there now, we might have to wait a bit for our next trip.

netsirK said...

Hey there!

I love your guys' blog! A few days ago I was randomly searching and ran into it. I even added it to my favorites list! :)

~Kristen b