Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beautiful works of art...secretly occupational therapy!

Here are 4 fish made by the boys using an activity from the Play and Learn preschool curriculum written by 2 occupational therapists.  The goal is to get the child to cross midline with their paintbrush - or finger -  (reaching for the paint) and then bring it back to paint on the fish.  I like these fish because they show the differences between the 2 boys so strikingly.  They each picked the colors and the method of painting...and the results couldn't be more different. 

Mr. T's fish - you can see he was trying to do the crossing midline/dotting thing very well in the bottom fish.  The top fish was covered with dots and then the dots were covered completely by his full-hands painting.  Then he decided to go over the paint with a crayon, scraping it away in lines.  

O Boy's fish - I wasn't so concerned that he follow the "crossing midline" protocol very closely so he did what he loves best: mixing all the colors he'd chosen together into a goo and slathering it all over the fish.

Beach Walk

Yes, it was June 15 when we took these pictures and we were wearing winter coats and stocking caps.
Crab!  Or, as Mr. T. says it, "Clab!"
O Boy's not convinced it's dead.
Treasures.  Notice Phil and Mr. T way off in the distance, waiting for O Boy to catch up with his treasures.

Off to work

The other day the boys got out 2 old keyboards we have around for them to play with and O Boy got a fantastic idea: play "going to the office like Daddy."  He immediately rounded up:
Phil's running shoes
a bag to shove the laptop into
a shapes card which he called his "paper" and was a necessary part of the office setup
and Rosie, his dog.

After carting them all around the room he directed me to setup an office:
the keyboard cord had to be taped to the wall
the shoes, paper, and doggie were placed next to him on the bench
the keyboard was set up on the chair (as a desk of course).

This game moved pretty quickly beyond Mr. T's ability and desire to imagine, so he just sat around watching while simultaneously playing with his cars and trucks.  Occasionally he'd try to copy what O Boy was doing - getting his own pair of shoes, etc. etc.

Off to work like Daddy!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The "I love Dad" song

Phil was away for 4 days this week. It's easy to see that the boys were excited to have him back home...

Friday, June 06, 2008

With apologies to all the treehuggers we know...

These boys are true Alaskans - they see a tree, they want to pretend to cut it down! "Chainsaw" is a favorite word around our house these days.